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The Inner Workings of a Toroidal Transformer

At Premier Magnetics, we often get questions from do-it-yourselfers about the various components we sell and which option is right for their particular needs. Our staff is always here to help, but to get you started, we would like to provide some basic information about the use of a toroidal transformer.

Understanding the Dynamics of an EMI/RMI Filter

When it comes to the world of technology and magnetics, there are actually quite a few intricate innovations that can be utilized. Premier Magnetics focuses on this type of technology by offering some of the most innovative electromagnetic components that are available on the market to date.

EMI/RFI Filters – Transformers, Inductors and Data Connectors

Premier Magnetics has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing magnetics products from our home base in southern California for 25 years, and we have developed a strong reputation in numerous industries, including lighting, communications, industrial, medical, aerospace and more.

LED Transformer: What are the Options?

For years, LED Lighting has been proving itself a far more energy efficient and cost effective method of providing illumination. Many industries rely on this form of lighting – for example, the medical industry is increasingly used LEDs to illuminate surgical procedures, since they don’t give off heat the way halogen bulbs do and provide a truer, whiter light.

Right Way to Purchase Electrical Equipment

If a consumer wants to purchase electrical equipment, like an SMPS inductor, it would be in their best interest to screen the companies that is manufacturing these components. Some manufacturers outsource most, if not all, of their work to China and other developing nations.

The Switching Power Transformer - Applications and Uses

The communication, computer, industrial and medical industries rely on the switching power transformer and magnetics for communication, networking and power applications. Agencies including the government and military also rely on this technology.