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EMI/RFI Filters Transformers, Inductors and Data Connectors

Premier Magnetics has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing magnetics products from our home base in southern California for 25 years, and we have developed a strong reputation in numerous industries, including lighting, communications, industrial, medical, aerospace and more.

We provide high-quality products manufactured both locally and in China for very affordable prices. Some of these include transformers, inductors, and data connectors. All of these can serve as an effective EMI/RFI filter, which can be used in a variety of industries, as well as in military agencies.

Common Mode Filters

Our products are highly useful for those seeking to minimize the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) when transmitting data.

Mode filters are used to block outside interference, and Premier Magnetics is capable of providing an EMI/RFI filter for your specific needs.

A short list of products that provide this capability include:

  • Common mode chokes
  • EMI suppression inductors
  • Isolation transformers
  • RJ-45 data connectors

What Electromagnetic Interference and Radiofrequency Interference Does

Electromagnetic interference and radiofrequency interference can be highly unpleasant and frustrating for engineers and researchers who are attempting to get a clear and accurate response through electrical equipment. Interference is typically conducted through signal and power lines, or through radiation that travels through free space.

An EMI/RFI filter will react strongly to high-frequency signals and reduce the strength of these undesirable signals. These filters will suppress all kinds of interference, including common and differential, and if you desire, you can obtain a customized filter with additional devices.

Benefits of a Filter

These devices can be useful when providing transient voltage and surge protection. We are also willing to provide an add-on device that backs up the battery so you can use your filter for longer periods of time.

For high-frequency power supply applications, an EMI/RFI filter is a very useful investment, providing 1250 vrms isolation voltage. Premier Magnetics can customize packages of EMI suppression inductors to meet your specific needs.

Protection and Preventative Measures

EMI/RFI filters can be designed and constructed in a variety of styles, depending on your specific requirements. Premier Magnetics provide consistently innovative solutions to common dilemmas resulting from electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference.

We are aware that interference poses a constant problem for those in the tech, medical, and science fields, so we have worked to ensure that interference from outside devices is suppressed within the critical range: 150 kHz to 30 MHz.

Minimization and suppression of EMI and RFI is possible with a professional, custom EMI/RFI filter.