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LED Transformer: What are the Options?

For years, LED Lighting has been proving itself a far more energy efficient and cost effective method of providing illumination. Many industries rely on this form of lighting – for example, the medical industry is increasingly used LEDs to illuminate surgical procedures, since they don’t give off heat the way halogen bulbs do and provide a truer, whiter light.

With this move toward LED lighting, it’s natural that the LED transformer has also become a bigger player in the world of lighting applications – since, without the transformer, LED lights wouldn’t work.

What is an LED Transformer?

Simply put, the transformer allows power to get from the power source to the light itself through the use of coils. The magnetic transformers designed and manufactured here at Premier Magnetics, for example, have been used in LED lighting applications for many years and work reliably in this capacity.

Basic Low Voltage Transformers

Basic low voltage LED transformers can be found either built into a fixture itself or into the plugs of portable LED devices. Since they are low voltage, there’s a limit to the wattage the transformer can handle – they can take in around 120 volts of alternating current at a time, and convert that to 12 or 24 volts of direct current. Be careful that the total wattage of the number of lights a transformer is powering is under the transformer’s wattage limit.

Larger Transformers

Products that need a bit more power, such as garden lights, need a larger transformer. These transformers come in two shapes – either box-shaped or donut-shaped. These transformers come in boxes that make them weatherproof, which, of course, is mandatory if they’re to be used outside, and can be placed anywhere.

Ground Burial Transformers

This type of LED transformer is specially built for complete protection. Since it’s mean to be buried underground, it has to be impervious to moisture. Thanks to a process called resin sealing, the transformer is protected from condensation and seepage.

At Premier Magnetics, we believe in providing the safest, most reliable magnetics technology to the industries we serve. Whether it’s an LED transformer or any other form of magnetics technology, our expertise allows us to serve our customers with excellence.