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The Switching Power Transformer - Applications and Uses

The communication, computer, industrial and medical industries rely on the switching power transformer and magnetics for communication, networking and power applications. Agencies including the government and military also rely on this technology.

About this Technology

What is a Switch Mode Power Transformer? It provides the switching action needed to sustain transformer operations. The switch controls the amount of "on" and "off" time of the switches resulting in a control of the amount of power delivered to the transformer's load. The voltage is distributed to the switch mode power transformer in voltage pulses. The pulse duration is a portion of the total overall time cycle.

What are the uses of this technology? Switching Power transformers are used primarily in electronic applications usually within a switch mode power supply. This type of power supply is normally powered by a DC source such as a battery. There is a conversion between the input DC source and its output to one or more DC sources.

The Supply Side

Premier Magnetics is a multinational supplier and recognized for a wide range of magnetic components. Our manufacturing locations include Southern California and China. We can design and manufacture transformers and magnetics for communication, networking and power applications. We also support government and military agencies in their work in the field and on the ground. Supplying battery back-up to the country's power grid and cellular telecommunications industries are just a couple of examples of our reach.

We provide world-class operation in the production and delivery of quality products with short- cycle times and competitively priced. We have sales and marketing operations across the U.S. and provide switch power transformers and a wide range of magnetics to our industry clients. Premier Magnetics opened its doors in 1991.

The Demand Side

Today's consumer operates in a global marketplace. Connectivity and super processing power drain device batteries. In our need for 24/7 access, peer to peer sharing devices needs to be charged and ready to go. Whether it involves a supplier or retailer of products, the consumer drives the demand. If your industry needs a partner in the switching power transformer and magnetic market, consider Premier Magnetics. Together, our design expertise, high quality record, and on time delivery performance is a total package that provides the lowest true cost to our 300+ OEM customers' worldwide.