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Understanding the Dynamics of an EMI/RMI Filter

When it comes to the world of technology and magnetics, there are actually quite a few intricate innovations that can be utilized. Premier Magnetics focuses on this type of technology by offering some of the most innovative electromagnetic components that are available on the market to date. From data bus transformers, to common mode filters, RJ45 connectors and DC/DC convertors, there really isn’t much that Premier does not have readily available. Being in business for more than 25 years now, Premier has the proper knowledge, experience and professional staff to offer you the best there is in the industry. For more information on our EMI/RFI Filter offerings, contact Premier Magnetics.

Understanding What an EMI/RMI Filter Is

Unless you have chosen engineering to be your professional line of work, it can be difficult to understand exactly what an EMI/RFI filter is and what it is used for. An EMI/RFI filter is an electromagnetic interference / radio frequency interference filter and is generally utilized to suppress electrical “noise”. This noise can degrade the performance of electronic equipment and prevent new electronic equipment designs from passing compliance testing. Various factors, such as increasing digital processing speeds, shrinking electronic package sizes, and densely spaced electronic components, are contributing to increased amounts of EMI / RFI noise, and increasing the needs to understand such noise sources and how to protect against them. This noise can also cause compatibility and compliance problems between different commercial, industrial, and military systems, and may result in noncompliance issues between those systems. As a result, engineers must be fully aware of and address their needs for EMI and RFI filtering during the design, test, and prototype phases of a project.

Different applications where an EMI/RMI filter may be used in are musical instruments (electronic), USB hubs and computer motherboards, secondary power supplies for video communications and audio products like amplifiers. With the wide range of noise reduction products Premier Magnetics is offering, there should not be any issues finding the perfect filter for your specific application needs.

Different Types of Filters

Premier offers several different types of EMI/RFI filters, specifically designed for various power requirements and operating conditions. Being aware of possible problems from EMI and RFI can help avoid failing compliance testing for a new products and the costs of redesigning and retesting the electronic systems and components for that product. If you find yourself in a position where you are having frequent interference, you may want to look into purchasing an EMI/RMI filter. If you are uncertain about which filter is going to be best for your situation, you can contact the engineering team at Premier Magnetics for guidance.